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Are you a small business based in Colorado? If so, we want you! Local Accelerator

We are officially launching our Local Accelerator program to the Colorado public. Designed to accelerate online lead generation and sales for Colorado small businesses, this program promises to offer a complete Internet marketing makeover to one lucky local business every month!

The program combines fulfillment services with access to Kutenda’s Internet marketing tool-set and training to get your company successfully marketing online. We’ll be choosing one lucky company every month … Selected companies will receive over $9,000 in services at no cost and 3 months of free Kutenda access.

If you’re based in CO, submit your company here:

According to new projections from Outsell, Inc., digital/online marketing will overtake print in 2010. Companies are projected to spend $119.6 billion on online and digital strategies. For small businesses, marketing online is a known challenge due to the intense learning curve, budgetary constrictions and the lack of available software. Kutenda has set out to change that with it’s Internet marketing tool-set for small businesses and the Local Accelerator program is making the extra leap locally by offering tools, services and training for free.

The Local Accelerator program includes all of the foundations for a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy that will drive leads and sales. We begin by creating a website or optimizing your existing website for lead generation and search engine rankings. Companies walk away with a list of campaigns, content and the tools, training and support to pick up where Kutenda’s fulfillment process ends.

Specifics include:

• Promotional landing pages with automated response emails
• A prospect-focused email marketing campaign designed to convert
• Customizable email templates
• A search advertising pay-per-click campaign
• Live local search listing
• Optimized keyword list for specific products / services
• A knowledge base of Internet marketing best practices

In order to qualify, companies must be based in Colorado. We’re accepting submissions at via a short form. Each monthly winner will be contacted directly by Kutenda’s director of training, Alex Ross. We are allowing companies to resubmit monthly for another chance to win.

Submit your business today!

Suggestions for increasing your chances of being chosen:

1) cross your fingers

2) grab your rabbit-foot key chain

3)  send your intern on a hunt for the perfect four leaf clover

4) maybe eat a bowl of Lucky Charms… whatever it takes…


Summary: Good websites convert traffic into revenue by providing informative, high-value content to visitors and by issuing compelling calls to action.

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Summary: When writing web site content for your small business, avoid the common mistake of focusing on features and/or your company profile. Instead, address your prospects directly and describe how your products and services fulfill their needs and wants.

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Summary: Color triggers a range of emotions and reactions from viewers online. By choosing the proper colors for key elements of your web site, you’ll be more effective in collecting leads and converting customers.

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Third in an ongoing series of small business online marketing tips, this post covers web site design, specifically the importance of having clear calls to action throughout your site. Read last week’s small business online marketing tip.

Summary: Most small business web sites violate a basic tenet of online marketing: Make your calls to action direct, prominent and plentiful.

Action. It’s what separates window shoppers from paying customers. So it’s strange that many small business web sites don’t do anything to spur the conversion from passive visitor to active customer.

Issuing a call to action, or CTA, does not make you a pushy salesperson. In fact, clear CTAs help visitors.

“What you have to remember is that people don’t go to the web to window shop,” observes copywriter Demian Farnworth. “They go there to drive 60 miles per hour—and look at billboards.”

If your site lacks clear CTAs, you force visitors to hit the breaks, something they’re loath to do. (In fact, most refuse to slow down, choosing to accelerate—away—instead.)

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Lifeboat rescuing small businesses stranded on Phone Book Island.

About a month ago, my wife and I welcomed our fourth child into the world and the team at Kutenda presented us with a gift certificate to a restaurant near my house. Needless to say, our hands were full, so ordering in seemed like the perfect option.

It was a surprise to me when I did a Google search and couldn’t find a web site for the place. This was a bit frustrating, as it’s tough to order for delivery when you don’t know what is on the menu. Fortunately, the place was only a 6-minute drive, so I went there to find out.

I entered the restaurant and asked for a takeout menu. The hostess said their takeout menus were located in the Yellow Pages. Wow.

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