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Google’s algorithm, an intricate equation that chooses how to rank each site/page on the web, has always been a mystery—one that has daunted many people hoping to build a website that will get found by searchers.

So what’s the key to building a site that Google will love?

“The key to SEO isn’t cracking the Google code,” writes marketer John Prinzo. “In fact ‘SEO professionals’ who continually game the system just don’t get it and will cause your business search rankings harm.”

According to Prinzo, the key is to build an honest website that has clean code, descriptive meta data, savvy use of keywords and linking, and fresh content. No fancy gimmickry/wizardry required. Just basic blocking and tackling.

“The algorithm is an automated equation and is simply Google’s (or any other search engine’s) attempt to keep you and your website true,” Prinzo says. “If you are honest, passionate, consistent, prolific, and relevant, and you probably are if you do something you love, then you will go far.”

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