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Our goal at Kutenda is to make online marketing more accessible to the small and medium sized businesses of the world. One of our areas of focus is helping companies appear in Google’s local maps search results, commonly referred to as the “10-pack.” An example of the 10-pack listings can be seen here:

Google 10-Pack for Small Businesses

Google 10-Pack for Small Businesses

Getting your company into these local search results has been an effective way of generating website traffic and leads for small businesses in the past. In the last two weeks significant changes to how Google is displaying the 10-pack results has increased the potential traffic of these listings by more that 60 times.

What were the changes that are causing this boost in small businesses’ potential online visibility? What does this mean for you as a small or medium sized business person? Check out this blog post from Search Engine Land’s David Mihm’s to find out.

Everyone wants their website to appear in Google without paying. One strategy to focus on is increasing the number of quality backlinks to your website. Backlinks are simply links to your site. The part to focus on though, is the quality of those links. It would be simple to go and build webpages on domains that you are only using to create links, but not an efficient use of your time.

Is it easy to get quality backlinks? It can be if you create link bait. This goes back to the content on your site and giving people a reason to link to it. In other words, you need to provide something interesting and useful.

Here are easy, and free, ways to create link bait:

  • Blogs: Write posts on interesting articles, tips on fixing common challenges,
  • Interview industry professionals and well-known names
  • Title: Most important part of an article or page as it’s what people will use to determine whether or not to visit your site
  • Resource: Include a whitepaper or url as resource for readers to access
  • Humor: People are faced with depressing news … give them some info with humor and word will spread

You can always participate in blog conversations and include links back to your site. If that’s what you do with every blog post, blog owners will soon put a stop to it. Be useful and the traffic will come.

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After what seems like a few short months, Kutenda is finally coming together. So what is it that we’re doing? We’re in the process of building an Internet marketing toolset plus training that helps small to midsized businesses succeed online.  From the basics of building a user- and search-engine friendly web site, to helping companies succeed with search advertising, our singular focus is to help smaller businesses take advantage of Internet marketing.

So what’s stopping those same small businesses from succeeding now?

  1. Technology: If you’re like other small business people we talk to, Internet marketing is complicated and demands too much technical know-how. Kutenda hopes to change that by making our technology easy to use — and easy to get real results
  2. Cost: When your business has smaller monthly budgets for advertising and marketing, investing upfront in a marketing initiative can be painful for company cashflow. Kutenda’s Internet marketing is based on a recurring cost structure, so that Internet marketing becomes an affordable – and regular – part of doing business.
  3. Coaching and training: With all the different options for putting out the word about your company — SEO? Social Media? Email Marketing? Help! — it can be hard to figure out the right approaches. Especially if you don’t have an experimental marketing budget like a lot of large enterprises have! Kutenda’s customers will have access to all kinds of training so they can integrate Internet marketing into their day-to-day business.

We’ll be releasing our product to the world in the fall, but companies interested in trying out our tools will still be able to get access — through our partners, who will begin offering it their customers in the summer.

Stay tuned for more details, the launch of our website in a few months, plus some great insight from the smart marketers we’ve got working here behind the scenes. We hope you’ll join us in our journey.

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