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Mark Cuban reads the tea leaves and sees a uphill battle for Facebook and other ad-driven websites—and, paradoxically, predicts a restoration of old broadcast media:

The logic for Facebook’s price decline is that they have a problem in mobile. They can’t offer all the games they can in a browser. They can’t offer the same ads or branding opportunities. All true …

[If] you think mobile will displace online usage from PCs then you should immediately short Google and other ad plays and buy TV stations and networks. If you can’t buy an ad effectively on mobile and no one is using a PC to connect to the internet any more, then the only way to reach an audience is going to be via good old tv. And all that over the top video noise, forgettabout it.

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The news

This week Facebook announced that Timeline is now live for the first time for some organizations that use Pages.

On March 30, all Pages (including yours!) will get automatically upgraded, and this will mean big changes to the way your pages look and the way your posts appear.

Learn more about the change over at Facebook.

Your homework: Prepare!

To turn on your preview for the new Pages design, navigate to your business’s Page and click the blue Preview button at the top of the page. Then mark your calendar: you have until March 30 (when all Pages automatically get upgraded) to curate and optimize your profile for the new layout.

If you need help…

To learn more about how to use the new Pages, visit the Facebook Help Center. Mashable has a guide too.

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Many small businesses are learning that social media isn’t just an avenue for distracting their employees and wasting resources. Instead, they’re finding that when its maximum potential is leveraged, social media can be the most powerful tool in any marketing bag.

Is it just a matter of time before all small businesses learn this? Facebook has been around for eight years—why isn’t every company in the land using its power to improve their bottom line? Is it a perception issue? Do people still think it’s a fad or that it’s only for certain types of industries? Or is it that some business owners don’t know how to harness its power, and thus give up on it before getting started?

Not having the time, the staff or the interest in seeing through each interaction has soured many companies on Facebook. Some owners may find any excuse not to leverage Facebook’s power. But if you’re one who believes that putting the time and effort into running a strategic social media campaign is within your means, here are six ways to make sure that it can pay dividends almost immediately. Time well spent.

What was your first Facebook post? Who was your first Facebook friend? What was the first picture you posted?

These are just a few questions that Facebook will be answering when they roll out the new “timeline” feature in October.

The great news is that you can set up this profile before it goes live! The folks at Business Insider have been kind enough to show us how. Find the details to get your new profile here.  This way, you can see what your profile will be converted to once the timeline goes live as well as begin making adjustments to it.

The purpose of this new profile timeline is to give users a way to share a full scope profile rather than just what is happening “in the moment.” Past trips, pictures, friendships, links, and more will be more visible and accessible to visitors.

Pete Cashmore of Mashable claims this is the best change Facebook has ever made: “Facebook Timeline takes these thousands of seemingly inconsequential events, discards the irrelevant ones, finds the most emotive, the most visual, the most striking and emotionally touching moments and pulls them into sharp focus,” said Cashmore.

This is all well and good on a personal basis, but how will this affect marketing abilities on the social site?

There have been many articles published assessing the impact of Facebook’s changes, the bulk of which focus on the marketing implications of users being able to go beyond “like” to “buy,” “need” or “want.” As you can imagine, marketers are positively gleeful at the prospect.

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We all know how commercials during the Super Bowl cost an astronomical amount compared to advertising during the 3 a.m. reruns of Gilligan’s Island—for obvious reasons. The more eyes on your product, the more chances you’ll have to sell it. Likewise is true for a Super Bowl of another sort being played every second called Facebook.

If you want to put your company in front of the most eyes, leverage the site that holds the most attention of online users.

Recent statistics show that when people go online, they’re spending more time on Facebook than anywhere else, and as much as 16 percent of their time online is spent updating their status, chatting with friends or playing Farmville. Utilizing the most powerful tool on the web to get the word out about your business should be obvious, and more important than ever.