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Live Intent currently offers one of the most diverse, versatile, and useful packages that publishers, advertisers, ESPs, and programmers can make full use of. As part of our advertiser technology, among insertion orders, newsletter banners, roadblocks, or dedicated email you can also find creatives. If you are not exactly sure what creatives are all about, here are a few guidelines on what they are and how to make the most of them.


Defining Creatives: How To Reach Customers 


Creatives are defined as any form of advertising whose final goal is to reach customers. Flash banners and PPV or PPC texts are both considered to be useful creatives. Creatives that rely on images can be directly found at merchants, and affiliate marketers or third parties can also give birth to them. Affiliate marketers are basically interested in coming up with excellent strategies that requiem creativity, imagination, innovation, and artistry.


Types Of Creatives: Texts And Images


Text and images are the two types of creatives marketers can successfully use during their campaigns. Texts are meant to persuade readers to click and reach the landing page that can help them purchase a product or a service. Promotional emails or blog and web pages are some of the main destinations for text creatives. How long does such a text need to be so it can reach out to your audience and create the desired results? It depends on the message; it can be a few words’ long or it can have several hundred words or more. It must be compelling, relevant to the services or products one is trying to promote, and it must ultimately reach the designated audience.  


Once a text creative has managed to capture the interest of the readers, it must also play the role of an effective call to action. I hence needs to be able to convey the precise message the marketer is trying to convey and be as informative and inspirational as possible. Text creatives also need to be specific. Each line needs to be accurate and offer a realistic image of what it is truly being sold. The use of keywords is an absolute must when it comes to creatives. Keywords boost search engine rankings and make ads a lot more visible.


Image creatives or banner ads have diminished their importance during recent years, due to the extraordinary developments in the fields of technology and design. However, they seem to be making a nice comeback, especially for affiliate marketers. If you are currently contemplating the idea of joining the Aff Power program and could use all the help you can get to market better, image creatives can be helpful. Promoting casinos online can be successfully done via a series of image and text creatives. Just build some creatives that are highly visible, eye-catching, and which can draw the attention of your targeted audience – gamblers in a certain geographical region. Build the right creatives and they will provide you with the powerful clicking call to action you are looking for. There can generate excellent sale leads and we can help you buld them the right way. 


If you’ve spent a little time on this site, you must be familiar with the type of ideas I am trying to make your embrace. It’s all about being bold and determined, powerful and courageous, ready to stand up for yourself and stop getting anything that’s coming your way without doing something about it. We’ve entered the new year and it is time to start taking your life into your own hands, If you are tired of being a nine-to-fiver and you feel you have got what it takes to become an entrepreneur, read on.


Make A Stand!

Start with the most important thing of them all: admit you are tired of your current situation, with everything this implies: job, boss, co-workers, income, work schedule, vacation time. Think of the things you would like to see happening differently. Unless there is a conscious decision of wanting something or everything to change – professional or personal plans included – you will not be able to start actively working on your plan. You are the only one responsible for the course of your actions and life in general, so unless you truly want the change in your life, you won’t be able to do much about it.    


Think What’s Good/Suitable For You!

You might be passionate about a field you have never worked in before. Keep your plans as realistic as possible – I want you to aim as high as possible, but if you have an idea that is going to require a huge load of money you will never be able to get, you might want to redirect your exploration just a little. Think about doing something that fits your age, personality, interest, social style etc. Look deep inside yourself and focus on choosing something that will give you the energy and motivation to get out of bed even in your moodiest, most tired, days. You might not feel like going to the regular office during times like those – but what is it that you would feel comfortable doing? What would please you most – and help you make a profit at the same



Out With The Old, In With The New? Well…

It’s not that simple. It is recommended to so o the things you are familiar with. This is one of the rules of thumb of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Don’t hesitate to imitate what you see and like, unless there’s some copyright infringement issues, of course. But if you want to do something completely unique, no one is going to stop you. On the contrary. You can focus on discovering a field that the market is not very developed in. Try to develop a business by solving a problem no one else solved before – through a unique product or service.

Plan everything ahead down into the smallest detail, study, select, and target your audience smartly. For instance, if a locksmithing business poses interest to you, check out the site and look at their approach. Their user-friendly search interface should help you immediately find the suitable locksmiths in your area, state, city, or town, and the expert tips and customer testimonials come to add a touch of professionalism and trustworthiness. You might want to bookmark the site for your future locksmithing emergencies also, it has a 10,000 professionals’ database.


In an interesting interview with Wired magazine, Google board member Ram Shriram says open systems will always outlast closed ones. Shriram also seems to compare seemingly invulnerable Facebook with AOL—which, ouch!

WIRED: I know you are an open data kind of guy, but closed off worlds like Apple’s and Facebook’s are killing it these days. Can an open approach still compete?

SHRIRAM: Right now reminds me of an earlier era was I was at Netscape, and AOL was an early leader. We know how it ended for AOL. I think ultimately open always wins out. It wins out because you cannot lock data in, you can’t lock people in, they will find a way out.

WIRED: Even out of their love affair with Apple?

SHRIRAM: In Apple’s case it’s really about a proprietary hardware platform running software. I wouldn’t call iOS closed. In the long term, all these businesses are going to have some level of interoperability. I think it will take market pressure to move these companies one way or the other. It will take consumers voting with what they like and don’t like, whether they stick with something or not.

WIRED: It seems like most of us are pretty entrenched in our online habits, what’s going to force us to change?

SHRIRAM: I remember when AOL was small and they were growing like mad. Consumers were coming on in droves because they made it easy to connect to the Internet. That was the single biggest innovation of AOL, when grandmas were signing up, AOL had arrived. Then the model flipped, and AOL became a toll-taker. That’s when it all broke down, and the Internet finally prevailed. I have a belief that is true in the long-term for any of these other platforms: Ultimately, the Internet prevails.

10 Questions: Ram Shriram |


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It is worth mentioning that these days there are a lot of people who have become really successful in the Internet. Still, it is worth discussing that not all people who have the passion to do things online can have this good opportunity. Some people who attempt this endeavor even fail simply because they do not stick to their attempt with commitment. As a result, they feel that what they are doing are not enough to produce the results that they want to achieve. Some even make the mistake of jumping from a single strategy to another. Instead of achieving the result that they want, they end up failing in the end.


Making Money Online

When talking about making money online, there are chances that even beginners can enjoy. This has something to do with affiliate marketing programs as the best options in attempting to try to make some cash over the Internet. Among the many reasons why it is very important to use these affiliate programs especially for beginners is because they do not have to work on creating a product for their own. Sometimes they end up promoting another person’s product or services. It is also important to keep in mind that there is no need to create a site simply because the owner of the product may already have their own website, and has the ability to sell their own product when you help in driving traffic to their page.

Another thing that results to this good choice especially for beginners is the idea that they do not really have to face worries in delivering product and even the need to cope in answering different customer questions just because the owner of the product has the ability to handle this. Generally, all you need to do is promote a certain affiliate link that they provide to you in order to have the capability to begin achieving commissions.


Driving Traffic

When talking about driving traffic to the different affiliate marketing programs, there is something that needs to be remembered. For one, not all traffic is designed to be equal. You also have to learn to produce a focused traffic to target potential audience. The initial key to earn commission is send traffic that looks to purchase a specific type of product to be advertised. Thus, if you are sending traffic to a target who is not interested, commissions and sales will not be generated.

For instance, some online entrepreneurs have thought of creating online casinos, such as William hill casino to allow individuals to win and enjoy at the same time. This also proves to be good business to them. Some online marketers then take advantage of the existence of these websites to earn on their own. As affiliate presenters they have a share when they advertise the existence of other websites, especially when people start to visit the site being featured. This translates cash to them.



The Death of Pay Per Click Advertising PPC | Social Media Today

Writing for Social Media Today, Sookie Shuen puts pay-per-click advertising (PPC) on the endangered species list, citing recent research from YouGov that just 18 percent of SMBs using Google Adwords actually recoup their investment.

PPC is purely about grabbing the potential customer’s attention without actually developing a lasting relationship with them. It focuses on the attraction stage and neglects to actually nurture and convert the buyer. This is why used alone, it can only ever offer limited returns.

Shuen believes PPC can work, but only if used strategically, and in conjunction with other marketing channels.

The Death of Pay Per Click Advertising PPC | Social Media Today