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I don’t have anything to contribute with regard to Facebook’s IPO (third largest in history, apparently). Judging by all the hullabaloo on the Internet today, it seems like we really ought to have something to say on the subject. Alas …

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If Facebook had been invented in the 1990s, it would’ve look something like this. Just watch.

If Facebook were invented in the 90s… | YouTube

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How to get more likes on Facebook - The Oatmeal

Be sure to check out the entire comic strip here.

How to get more likes on Facebook | The Oatmeal via Boing Boing


Over at, a user asks the question on everyone’s mind: “What was it about Instagram that made it worth a $1B acquisition by Facebook?

Founding blogger Robert Scoble serves up a great answer. In a nutshell? It’s all about mobile.

Today Facebook has NO revenues from mobile. None. That’s amazing, since so many people, hundreds of millions of us, use Facebook on mobile clients. …

Let’s say that Facebook can turn on monetization on mobile clients. That could mean $500 million in revenue on first quarter, $700 on second, $900–$1 billion on third. Looking at it this way paying a billion for Instagram makes a LOT of sense.

Here’s the deal. The future of the web is tied to mobile phones. In fact, Morgan Stanley projects that mobile browsing will outpace desktop-based access within 3–5 years.

The fact that Facebook just wrote a check for $1 billion is all the evidence you need that there is a tectonic shift happening—one that will impact everyone, not just the giants.

What was it about Instagram that made it worth a $1B acquisition by Facebook? | Quora

Facebook’s new Timeline layout for Business Fan Pages has been live just over 1 week and it looks like Facebook’s promise of improved interaction between customers and brands is already coming to fruition. Check out this study on how Timeline is increasing Average Fan Engagement 46% per post!

Looking at our complete sample of early adopters shows the following increase in engagement when you compare averages before Timeline vs averages after Timeline:

1. 14% Increase in Fan Engagement
2. 46% Increase in Content Engagement
3. 65% Increase in Interactive Content Engagement (Video and Photo)

The Impact of Facebook Timeline for Brands [Study]