Leah Busque, founder of the site TaskRabbit.com, reminds us that focusing on your comparative advantage—that thing (or things) you do well—is the best way to maximize your most precious resource: your time.

In 2008, when I founded a company called Task Rabbit—which allows you to hire others to perform simple tasks—I wasn’t thinking directly about comparative advantage. I just wanted to build a platform that could help me get dog food for my 100-pound yellow lab while simultaneously making sure I was on time for dinner. In developing the idea, though, I quickly realized the power and potential of comparative advantage in making everyday life better and more efficient. There is tremendous power in focusing on the things you are most skilled at, while relying on others to do the rest; it creates jobs and reduces stress. You, your community, and society are definitely better off when you do.

If You Want It Done Right, Don’t Do It Yourself | Co.Exist

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