What was your first Facebook post? Who was your first Facebook friend? What was the first picture you posted?

These are just a few questions that Facebook will be answering when they roll out the new “timeline” feature in October.

The great news is that you can set up this profile before it goes live! The folks at Business Insider have been kind enough to show us how. Find the details to get your new profile here.  This way, you can see what your profile will be converted to once the timeline goes live as well as begin making adjustments to it.

The purpose of this new profile timeline is to give users a way to share a full scope profile rather than just what is happening “in the moment.” Past trips, pictures, friendships, links, and more will be more visible and accessible to visitors.

Pete Cashmore of Mashable claims this is the best change Facebook has ever made: “Facebook Timeline takes these thousands of seemingly inconsequential events, discards the irrelevant ones, finds the most emotive, the most visual, the most striking and emotionally touching moments and pulls them into sharp focus,” said Cashmore.

This is all well and good on a personal basis, but how will this affect marketing abilities on the social site?

There have been many articles published assessing the impact of Facebook’s changes, the bulk of which focus on the marketing implications of users being able to go beyond “like” to “buy,” “need” or “want.” As you can imagine, marketers are positively gleeful at the prospect.

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    Thomas loves Burberry Plaid.

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