After what seems like a few short months, Kutenda is finally coming together. So what is it that we’re doing? We’re in the process of building an Internet marketing toolset plus training that helps small to midsized businesses succeed online.  From the basics of building a user- and search-engine friendly web site, to helping companies succeed with search advertising, our singular focus is to help smaller businesses take advantage of Internet marketing.

So what’s stopping those same small businesses from succeeding now?

  1. Technology: If you’re like other small business people we talk to, Internet marketing is complicated and demands too much technical know-how. Kutenda hopes to change that by making our technology easy to use — and easy to get real results
  2. Cost: When your business has smaller monthly budgets for advertising and marketing, investing upfront in a marketing initiative can be painful for company cashflow. Kutenda’s Internet marketing is based on a recurring cost structure, so that Internet marketing becomes an affordable – and regular – part of doing business.
  3. Coaching and training: With all the different options for putting out the word about your company — SEO? Social Media? Email Marketing? Help! — it can be hard to figure out the right approaches. Especially if you don’t have an experimental marketing budget like a lot of large enterprises have! Kutenda’s customers will have access to all kinds of training so they can integrate Internet marketing into their day-to-day business.

We’ll be releasing our product to the world in the fall, but companies interested in trying out our tools will still be able to get access — through our partners, who will begin offering it their customers in the summer.

Stay tuned for more details, the launch of our website in a few months, plus some great insight from the smart marketers we’ve got working here behind the scenes. We hope you’ll join us in our journey.

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